About The Happy Fool

Get Down With Your Bad Self

Carter McNeese grew up on the Gulf Coast in Northwest Florida.  Majoring in History and Political Science and minoring in Peace Studies,  Carter received his BA from Warren Wilson College, outside of Asheville, NC, in 2007.  Living in various places in NC after graduation and then a brief stint back home in FL, Carter has found himself in Williamsburg, VA working at Colonial Williamsburg.  While in Williamsburg, Carter met the single most amazing woman in the world, and luckily enough she agreed to marry him.  The wedding will be January 9, 2016, and yes, Carter has a countdown app on his phone.   In June of 2015, Carter entered paid ministry as the Associate Pastor for Spiritual Development at Second Baptist Church in Petersburg, VA and starting in August of 2015 he will be pursuing a Masters of Divinity at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond.

Carter is a Christian of the Baptist variety, a WhoDat, a Nerdfigher, a Geek, a Whovian, a Browncoat, an emerging Trekkie, and a music nut.  He also strongly believes in the Oxford comma.


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